Toan Tien Housing - companies for foreigners renting luxury apartments

There are positive trends in the rental market. Many systems, companies for foreigners renting luxury apartments. One of the leading companies in the rental service of these apartments is Toan Tien.

Toàn Tiến House

Toan Tien House

Serviced apartments for foreigners to rent

The latest research by professionals in the real estate sector, the key factor affecting the customer's rent purchase decision is the potential rent. In the areas where many foreigners come to live and work and travel, such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Tay Ho area, the rental of serviced apartments will be one of the excellent services to meet the needs of visitors when coming here.

Full House - Attract foreigners to rent apartments

Toan Tien Company is one of the leading companies in providing services and apartments for foreigners to rent. Located on the streets with beautiful places, concentrated population, the apartments system of Toan Tien has attracted many foreign visitors to Hanoi city.

One of the most important factors which always makes customers not hesitate to come to the company is the living space meeting international quality standard, 5-star standard, provides all services and meets the requirements, criteria set by the customer. The apartments are adjacent to the bustling streets, full of fun, entertainment, healthy living environment, fresh and security are always guaranteed, ...

Some apartments located on the streets

§  Located on Kim Ma street, serviced apartments for foreigners to rent are designed in Asian style, space is warm and clean. When we step into the apartment, hitting our eyes is the Neon light which creates the feeling of extremely warm and full. With a unique and creative layout, this space gives visitors a warm family atmosphere.

Căn hộ dịch vụ cao cấp đường Kim Mã

High-quality serviced apartments for rent on Dao Tan Street

§  If you love peace and tranquility, welcome to the high-class serviced apartment on Dao Tan street. There will be apartments decorated in Asian-European style to help you feel a comfortable spirit after coming back from work.

Căn hộ dịch vụ thiết kế theo phong cách Á- Âu

Serviced apartments for rent based on Asian-European style

§  A cool space will be a great place for those who want to enjoy the feeling of being close to nature and science and technology. In Tran Quoc Toan Street, Toan Tien House offers delicate, refreshing colors to make you feel energetic.

Căn hộ đường Trần Quốc Toản

Aparment in Tran Quoc Toan Street

§  Be interested in modern European style, we have apartments located in Truong Han Sieu street. Here foreign visitors will be immersed into the world of modern furniture that is sophisticated, elegant.

Nội thất căn hộ cao cấp

Furnitures in luxury apartments

§  You are on a business trip in Vietnam and you are always interested in fresh things, Toan Tien House will bring you the apartments which are designed in a young style, bring you a spirit of comfort and inspire creativity in work.

Cho người nước ngoài thuê căn hộ dịch vụ tinh tế

Serviced apartments for rent

§  Right on the Linh Lang Street, we have apartments which brings the flavour of Sakura (cherry blossom) - a fresh taste.

căn hộ dịch vụ cao cấp

Luxury serviced apartment

The apartment for foreigners in Hanoi is fully equipped with high quality services and services to help you and your family enjoy the full space of Hanoi.

As a company specializing in providing rental services for foreigners to rent luxury apartments, apartments for foreigners to come and work in Vietnam, Toan Tien Company is ready to bring to customers the best benefits about the product. With over 100 experienced staffs and nearly 600 high-quality serviced apartments for rent, Toan Tien pledges to help foreigners find the right apartment, save the cost, time and effort.

With the business motto: "Taking care of your home", Toan Tien always gives visitors a comfortable feeling like living in their own small house and creates a space with quality of life assurance.

For advice and selecting apartments suitable for you, please contact:

Address: 27 Nam Trang, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi

Hotline: 1900 636 948