Giới thiệu

…16 years ago, the construction engineer – Nguyen Dang Tien seemed to have felt the huge potential of the apartment market for foreigners to hire, which is absolutely a new field. However, he bravely started his own company – Toan Tien Company from scratch. From the beginning, there were just a few small apartments decorated in the simple way with a heart full of enthusiasm and creative passion....

... 16 years passed by. Until now, Toan Tien Company has over 100 professional staffs and nearly 600 serviced apartments for rent from medium to high level, stretching out all “gold” areas of Hanoi. These are luxury apartments with Sakura flavor, located in Truong Han Sieu, Tran Quoc Toan, Ha Hoi Streets... quiet streets with graceful tree lines. There are also lovely, comfortable and warm apartments in Dao Tan, Linh Lang, Kim Ma, Ngoc Khanh streets. Next to these are the apartments with delicate, elegant architectural and interior, following resort style, leaning on the romantic water of West Lake .... When visiting these places, the feeling of a Zen living resembles your soul, which is making a special feature of Toan Tien. That’s all the felling that we always want to bring to customers.

When being asked about his business philosophy, Mr. Tien said that the very simple motto of Toan Tien is "Your Home. Our Care” – customers always has feeling as being at their second home. That feeling comes from not only the comfort, interior style, but also from the feeling and friendly service. All Toan Tien staffs are always ready to be at anywhere in any time to bring the credibility to customers.

Partners, journalists, and customers, many of them questioned: among the trend ups and downs of the unstable real estate market in Vietnam, why is Mr. Nguyen Dang Tien and Toan Tien company continuously growing? The answer is right at Mr. Nguyen Dang Tien’s mind: small start and careful, accurately assess the tastes of the market and customers, finally strong carry out when getting everything well.

After all, the enthusiasm, passion of Mr. Tien and his dedicated staffs led to the so-called "spectacular" success.

Toan Tien's success story has been continued ...